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Current Projects (Ongoing)


Wordpress sites (Mostly maintaining and troubleshooting)


Close Up Images (May 2020- )


Mobile Systems Plus and Dalton LED Zone (July 2019- )


Hi-End Fitness (July 2018- )

Stephanie Mickle (July 2018- )

A. Scott Bolden (July 2018- )

Great Movie Scenes (May 2018- )

Regular sites (Updating and troubleshooting)

Morcor Engineering (Oct 2018)


Shenema (March 2018)


Little Szechwan (Jan 2018)


Maintain this website when needed:




Embryos Alive
(May 2011-Current)

Company I gathered information for (Jan 2019):



Company I occasionally do contract work for (data mining (manual)/research work):

Gantzer Group, Inc. (May 2006-Current)


Related Companies I've worked for in the past:

b International Association of Forensic Nurses


d SAFE TA: Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner - Technical Assistance


EVELO Electric Bicycles (2014-Current)

Past Projects

Websites I created and maintained at one time:

Angelfish Express

(February 2005-April 2007)

Note: Company is out of business.
Copy of site I did is here for portfolio.

Everything Wine and More..

(December 2005-November 2006)

Copy of site I did is here for portfolio.


4 Luv of Dogs
(March 2007-February 2011)

Note: Company is out of business.
Copy of site I did is here for portfolio.

All About Karaoke

(March 2008-December 2010)

Copy of site I did is here for portfolio.




Ashley Attwood's site (Site has been disbanded; Copy of site I did is here for portfolio).
(March 2010-2015)



Websites I maintained only at one time:



Forward VPN (July 2019-December 2019)(Site doesn't exist anymore)

Pleasant Green Baptist Church (September 2019-Dec 2019)


Prudent Mining (February 2019-August 2019)


Thousand Island Museum (November 2018)

Kind Power (August 2018)


Planner Assist (July 2018 )


Deschapelles Designs (Jan 2018)


Trish Upton Associates (2016- 2018)

Atlanta Eye Candy (2016-2018)

Ten by Ten Lashes (2016-2018)

Ce Ce Ferrari (Maintaining and troubleshooting; also copied original site from Wix platform) (Oct 2017-June 2018)

Inn at Reading
(March 2011-March 2015)

NFP Canada
(August 2010)

NFP America
(August 2010)


Insight Learning & Wellness Center
(October 2007-May 2009)

Paying Cash For All Homes
(January 2008)

Paying Cash For Houses
(January 2008)

Atlanta Eye Candy
(March 2011-July 2013)

Community Greens

(August 2002-January 2004)

SARA Animal Sanctuary

(March 2002-March 2004)

Windland, Inc.

(August 2002-January 2004)

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life
(March 2011)

Edison Divorce site
(March 2011-Oct 2011)

Kasuri and Levy site
(March 2011-Oct 2011)

Lincoln Mortgage, Inc./Now known as People's Mortgage
(June 2011)

Websites I installed Joomla for. Also did some updates and troubleshooting for these (Joomla-based):

Super Bowl Packages (Site doesn't exist anymore)
(January 2008)

Hey Beautiful
(January 2008)(Site doesn't exist anymore)

Ticket Pros
(May 2008)

Site I helped client fix RSS problems for:

Grub Street
(Jan 30, 2014)

Site I helped client troubleshoot a Paypal problem for:

Oak Tree City (UK-based)
(April 2011-Mar 2013)

Site I helped add a Joomla addon for:

TCE Company
(April 2011)

Site I helped with Interactive Flash map upload for:

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
(April 2011)

Website updated via modification, troubleshooting and enhancement work:

The Duelists (Best viewed in 1024x768) Other resolutions are covered in the link below.

Link to Extensive CSS Work for this site (800x600/1024x768/1280x1024)


Websites I did button work for:

Pallidan Partners



Wordpress-based website I modified for a client:

Ducret Media
(April 2011)


Company I did research/spreadsheet work for:

MordComm, Inc.
(May 2011)

Researching Retirement Homes and Bike Tours/Dealers (Spreadsheet work)
(Sept 29, 2015-Nov 2, 2015)

Company I did contract work for (Individual basis):

Did listings/spreadsheet work for Real Estate properties in Arizona
Paying Cash for Houses, LLC
(Jan 2008-Jan 2010)

Purple Trout, LLC
(Feb 2011)
Meta Tag work as well as Virtual Assistant tasks like researching info, compiling info and writing summaries.

Video work:

Rod's Web Design
(August 2007)
Video extraction work and conversion to Flash format.


Other projects I did for clients:


Image cleanups

(March 2018)


Joomla website modifications
(April 2011)


Upload Flash map to website
(April 2011)


Dreamweaver Template help
(May 2011)


Researching and backlinking work
For specs on disabled parking placard requirements for tourists.
Orlando Tourist Information Bureau
(May 2011 + Sept 2011-Nov 2011)


Added items to website
(June 2011)


Graphics and images
(June 2011)


2 images combined into 1 image, 5 images cropped, 3 buttons created, 3 images created at the top of the page for a sign up work flow and 3 images created at the top of the page for a printing workflow.

Did website updates
(June-July 2011)


Graphics and Images work
(Sept 2011)


Made corners rounded on 4 images. Had logo added to a banner size image with some text. Did 4 of one size and 4 of another of these with the same logo and background with different text.

Resizing video for website
(Sept 2011)


Build spreadsheet from emails
(Jan 2012)


Website Testing
(Feb 2012)


Excel spreadsheet for currency
(Feb 2012)


Researching best tablet for under $300
(Feb 2012)


Website video embedding
(Feb 2012)


Updating websites (both sites don't exist anymore)
Added 2 music files, book and Paypal button
(Mar 2012-Apr 2012)


Getting together list/database of breast cancer organizations.
(Apr 2012)


Update current website with a
(Apr 2012)


Research bike dealers
(Apr-Oct 2012)


Research locations for a yoga
(Aug 2012)


Gather 500 contacts as well as info pertaining to each.
(Oct 2012)


Excel Spreadsheet DB work
(Nov 2012)


Fix Faulty RSS
(Feb 2014)


Getting the response script to work with the opt-in page.
(Feb 2014)


Internet research pertaining to cyber security space.
(Feb 2014-Aug 2014)


Find titles for celebrities and match images.
(Feb 2014)


Updating prices for web pages on and spreadsheet work

(Mar 2014-Current)


Helped with partial redesign of website
(Sept-Oct 2014)

Research for living in the south of France
(Dec 2014)

Compiling a list of Marketing and Advertising companies in Ontario that hire Portrait or Lifestyle and finding Canadian companies,exhibitors or sponsors that will be attending the Daytime Emmy awards.
(February 2015)

Gathering data from online site with cutting and pasting for project (25 companies)
(February 2015)


Enter data for 279 products into Access Database form.
(February 2015)

Editing logo
(February 2015)

Edit wording on an image
(July 2015)

Editing of 6 photos
(August 2015)


Convert 4 images to clear and white backgrounds
(Jan 2015)

Research pertaining to having a business in Mexico
(Jan 2016)

Finding info for MA recreation departments + youth basketball associations
(Jan-Feb 2016)


Wordpress Assistance

(Feb 2017)


Transferred site from Archive.org

(April 2017)

Update Website that uses JustHost
(April 2017)


Edit background out of images

(Oct 2017)

Research Locksmiths in MA

(Jan 2018)


Update Square Space site
(Jan 2018)


Manual Web Scraping

(Feb 2018)


Manual Web Scraping for Public Speaking/Networking Events

(Oct 2019)