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Here are some basic questions with their answers. If you have any questions not listed here, please email me.


Web Maintenance

What software do you have/use?

I have Dreamweaver CS 5.5 as well as Photoshop CS 5.1. I also have PDF converting software.

With the monthly maintenance what is expected of me?

An e-mail with information, attachment(s), that would help me upgrade your site. Items by Postal Mail are acceptable too.

What do I need to know concerning monthly payments for maintaining of your site?

The bill will be sent to you once I receive an update request from you by email or postal mail. Payment must be received in time agreed upon.


Other Services

What other services do you provide?

These services can be done along with a creation of your website or independently:
  • I offer maintenance-only services for individuals to only maintain an already developed website that you have. Email me if you are looking for someone to maintain your site(s). My pricing is on my Web Site Maintenance Page.
  • Photoshop Work-Can modify/edit images for websites or personal purposes.
  • Contract Work-I work via telecommuting with companies needing extra help on creating and/or maintaining websites. I'm available to help for a fee based on projects given and completed by me. Email me with information if interested.
  • Research-I do many forms of research for clients needing specific info for their companies. Now also specializing in job searches for people needing jobs.
  • Job Search-Now also specializing in job searches for people needing jobs.

    Misc Questions

    Can I get a discount?

    If you are a client of mine and you refer someone to me or my site you will get a $15.00 discount on your next order. You get the discount when the person referred puts that information, (email and ID), on their preference form or mentions you by name AND becomes a client of mine.

    What is your business mailing address?

    PC Computer Helper
    Attn: Elina M. Lampart
    PO BOX 143
    Grand River, Ohio 44045-0143

    Don't you have a phone number?

    I'm hearing-impaired, so hearing over the phone is difficult for me. Email and/or chat is a preferred method of communication for me. I use text only for Skype (pccomputerhelper is my call name).

    Are you trustworthy?

    I know I am trustworthy and reliable since my job and reputation is on the line if I'm not. My main goal is to have all my clients happy with my work/services.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    I accept Postal/Bank/Cashier Check/Money Orders or personal/business checks (5 days required for clearance). I also accept Paypal (Paypal email is contactme@pccomputerhelper.biz) You can also access Paypal payment portal via my home page.

    I'm now accepting UPIC/ACH payments as well:
    Pay Routing/Transit number: ABA 021052053

    For credit to Account Number 98056035